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More Tips About the Physical

More Tips About the Physical

Life Insurance

More Tips About the Physical

The premium you will pay for life insurance is determined by a number of factors. One of the major factors is your health, which is why life insurance companies almost always require you to have a physical before they determine rates and extend coverage. (If you receive life insurance through your employer, you are unlikely to be required to have a physical.)

Say your heart rate is higher than what is normal for a person of your age; the life insurance company could decide you are a greater risk, and will ask you to pay a higher premium. But oddly enough, if your heart rate is too low – say you are an endurance athlete – the insurer could also assume that indicates a problem, even though you are in great health. (For example, while a heart rate of between 60 and 80 or so is considered “normal,” tri-athletes and marathoners often have heart rates in the 40s – or lower.) If you know your heart rate is very low, before you take your physical ask the nurse or doctor if the form includes questions about your physical activity. If you won’t be able to explain an unusual result, take matters into your own hands. Some people have been known to do a few jumping jacks before their pulse is taken in order to get their heart rate up to “normal” levels.

The difference in cost between an extremely healthy individual and an individual in relatively poor health could be hundreds of dollars. When it’s time for your physical, make sure you’re ready to show you are in great health.

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